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When should Young Adults Start Insuring Themselves?

 “What? Insurance? I’m not interested!!!”… OR “I’m still young, don’t think I need any insurance coverage!!!”… OR “I’m just graduated and get into this first job, I don’t have much money for insurance!!!”… OR some even with “I don’t believe in insurance!!!”… etc. Do they sound familiar? They are very common responses from people especially […]

Term Life Insurance Explained

Term life insurance is an inexpensive form of insurance that most people will find affordable as long as they have an income. Term life insurance offers a death benefit depending on the number of years the client has coverage for. A term insurance policy can ensure and guarantee that the beneficiaries will receive payout upon […]

The Myths of Motor Insurance

There are so many kinds of insurance in the market, life insurance, general insurance etc and motor is the most common and widely purchased insurance. At this space-age century, people are getting more “Tech-Savvy” and most information is widely available on the Internet, be it cheap restaurants, car reviews, wedding venues etc… people will be […]

8 Important Things Everyone Should Know About Insurance

What are the benefits of getting an investment related insurance? Isn’t it better to get it compared to an ordinary insurance as there may be better returns in the long term? Firstly, an insurance plan is for the purpose of income protection, not so much for returns. For protection, there are 3 kinds of insurance […]

Financial 101

Life turns on a dime. You have no idea when you’ll “need” insurance. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead. This information will help you figure out what types of insurance make sense for you. Life insurance is a simple answer to a very difficult question: How will my family manage financially when I die? […]